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The Million Dollar Email Swipe File Playbook

Finally, the exact email swipe files that have generated $1,210,329.12 in commissions to reactivate ‘dead’ prospects, get new appointments, and close clients virtually, without any technical hassle - all in insurance and financial services.

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The Million Dollar Email Swipe File Playbook

Get step-by-step templates to generate new leads, appointments and create commission windfalls from start to finish.

There’s never been a faster, easier or more lucrative way to meet insurance and financial prospects than Email Marketing

This is why EVERY advisor MUST know how to use email effectively, right now, to drive sales.
But the sad reality is that most advisors are caught up in…
  • Referrals
  • complex COI mindgames
  • buying leads
  • ​Seminars
  • ​cold calling
  • ​paying for ads
  • ​Facebook and more...
When there’s literally THOUSANDS of dollars hiding in your CURRENT email list.
So before you spend a dime on a new course, lead gen campaign or seminar, you need to know how to effectively reach out to prospects with email. 
Today’s insurance and financial prospects are savvier than ever. They’ll sense a promotion in their inbox faster than you can hit ‘send’. 
(Or worse, their email filters will do it for them - and you end it up in the dreaded ‘promo’ folder)
And you would be amazed to learn…

How Advisors are Humiliating So-Called ‘Marketing Gurus’ and ‘Young Guns’ With These Dead Simple Techniques to Email Success

When you know what to say, email can drive up to 40X ROI (McKinsey) - yep, you read that right… that’s four thousand percent.
But when you do it wrong…
All that hard earned money and time you spent building up a reputation goes up in flames when they hit that ‘Unsubscribe’ button.
So what’s the difference between a tired, underperforming list and an appointment generating machine? 
A step-by-step, repeatable process for reaching the right people at the RIGHT time, and getting them to meet to close.
We’ve put that process into…

The Million Dollar Email Swipe File Playbook for Insurance & Financial Advisors

Battle tested and PROVEN so you can execute with confidence.
This swipe file will give you the formula (and the actual swipes you can copy and paste) to move your prospects…
From inbox > appointment > close
With this immense volume of proven never-before-released Bible of templates, you’ll:
  • Shave YEARS off your learning curve by simply copy and pasting these emails, and make you look like a savvy advisor
  • ​Discover the must-do elements of precisely what time of day to email - so your emails get MAX replies. Which do you think is better… 7:45am or 4:13pm? Answer inside
  • ​Get the insider’s scoop on how many points of personalization to use to get maximum reply rates of 63% (Page 9)
  • ​Get a workman-like grip on how many follow ups to send to get 310% more replies - (Page 10)
  • ​Copy the ‘Radio Silent’ gambit that generated $14,000 in commissions and fees in less than 30 days to just 10 life insurance prospects (Model this on pages 15-17)
  • ​How to boost your replies in a classy, non threatening way using the ‘File Close’ technique (Steal this on Page 18)
  • ​The ‘Ace Up Your Sleeve’ email to pull out when you need appointments yesterday - whether you have 50 or 5,000 people on your list (Copy this from Page 21)
  • ​Get the 5 Part email sequence to reactivate your entire list, even if you’re completely new to this email game, you’ll look like a communication SAVANT (Get up to speed on pages 22-29)
  • ​Get pointed feedback from your audience you deliver emails that seem to get inside their heads, making you look like their financial savior (Pages 29 - 34)
  • ​5 Simple copy and paste cold emails to get the attention of affluent executives for 401k rollovers, HR Directors, open new accounts and presentation rights to their entire company (pages 35-39)
  • ​Model the precise cadence one ‘old school non-techie’ advisor used that generated $350,000 in less than 90 days from CFO cold introductions (Page 42)
  • ​And much, much more!

Don’t Hit The ‘send’ Button On Another Email Before You Download This Playbook And Read Every Single Word

Stop struggling over your keyboard, second guessing yourself for hours whether you’ll look ‘professional’, ‘clever’, ‘intelligent’ or ‘desperate’…
Instead, do what savvy advisors do and use the PROVEN templates to get more appointments and sales from our proven ‘copy and paste’ templates. 
Look polished, sharp and get RESULTS from your list today.
Treasured by advisors in the following verticals:
  • Wealth Management
  • ​Financial Planning
  • Group Benefits
  • ​Commercial Lines
  • ​Life Insurance
  • ​Medicare
  • ​Retirement Planning
  • ​IUL, LTC
  • ​Cash Balance Plans
  • ​Health Insurance
  • ​Personal Lines Home and Auto
Just download, copy, customize, and send

This Stuff Just Works...

See What Our Customers Have to Say!

“The email generated about $100k in top line right away!”

Brad S, Head of Sales
“We’ve been sending that email out to people who ‘ghosted’ us from our past seminars. It’s been the most successful we’ve sent in the history of our firm.”
Dean T. Financial Advisor, $500M AUM
“I sent out your email to the first 10 of my dark list. Four hours later, one responded back… Commission $14,000. And two referrals.”
Malcolm M., Life Insurance Advisor
Just some quick figures, we sent out 588 emails, got 73 immediate responses which turned into 27 appts on the board so far. Many other positive calls!
Jeff G., Financial Advisor
"I used the email, and booked six appointments so far! I have 1 new rep, 3 new prospects and two new client appointments!"
J. Bradley, Independent Advisor
“I sent the email to 6 people that never got back to me. I set up 2 appointments. Commission is $15,000 from that one email!”
Bisi O. Insurance Advisor
“We sent that email you told us to 2 people that hadn’t replied. We heard back almost immediately. They are going to move forward with us. Commission will be $249,000 in less than 90 days. So it was a win for us all!”
Susan W. Group Benefits Advisor
“I feel confident about my ability to start generating a decent income online…I am eternally grateful.”
Jeff G., Financial Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ‘Swipe File’?
It’s not quite a course and it’s definitely not a tired old report or whitepaper…
...a Swipe File is the actual template you can customize, click and send!
Here’s how it works:
In the last 24 months our team has:
  • Sent out over 500,000 emails to audiences as diverse as CEOs, Doctors, Business owners, attorneys, executives and more
  • Generated well over $1.3 Million in sales from those emails
  • Shared insider emails with 3,218 advisors they sent to their prospects
  • ​They wrote back telling us which emails worked, and which didn’t
...and we took all the emails that WORKED, ditched those that didn’t, and put them all in ONE volume.
All you have to to is download…
customize to your product or service…
And hit ‘send’.
No more struggling what to say, or pouring over vague theories or ivory tower strategies.
These are the brass tacks of what’s working. No filler.
It’s all MEAT, and no fluff. If you want theories, go read a blog post or listen to a podcast. This swipe file is all about execution to get results.
Why just $27?
If you’re thinking “$27 is dirt cheap… what’s the catch?” then here are three things that will put your mind at ease now. 
1) $27 puts this information within the reach of everyone… from startup advisors to established elite advisors. (And at $XX, you don’t need your spouse or partner’s approval to invest in it now)
2) It weeds out tire-kicking freebie seekers. We only want serious insurance and financial advisors who take ACTION, and can join our hall of fame of winners. And in our experience charging just a small amount gets rid of 99% of the jokers.

3) “Advisors who pay, pay attention.” We live by this motto at Advisorist®. If you take a small investment into yourself, you’re more likely to apply what you’ve learned instead of leaving another PDF on your hard drive collecting digital dust. 

We also know that once you experience this Swipe File, you’ll want more and maybe… just maybe… you’ll come back, buy more and upgrade to Advisorist® Max where you can access our 40+ playbooks. 
But that’s it…
No fine print… no “hidden trials”... no games. Just the proven expertise you want in templates you can copy and paste in minutes.
How do I get the Swipe File? 
This is “On Demand” content you’ll be able to enjoy anytime. 
Once you submit your payment, you’ll get an email with your login details to access the training in our private members area. You can go at your own pace and convenience so there’s no rush or concern about missing anything. 
Is there a guarantee?
Yep…all our products have a 30-day action takers guarantee, no-questions-asked guarantee.
If you implement the emails in the Swipe file and do not generate any appointments, replies, or appointments.  We will give you your money back!

Get This Playbook For Just $27

$27 | Retail: $97.00 | Save 70%
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